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DATE6th March, 2016



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  2. Kudos, Jerry !!!Mike Francesa = “talk-radio bloviator” … Spot on, Mate !!! Mike is all about Mike and more than sometimes he’s as out in left field as Billy Packer was … the difference is that CBS got smart where NBC and YES have not !!!I annually take particular umbrage with Francesa when his talk show devotes only a modicum of time to March Madness … even when there are local teams playing !!! Right on, Mate !!!

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  18. 1. Martian. Why? Well, that’s a long story, it’s on my website. If you meant why do I read you? ‘Cause everybody needs a flawed roll model to bitch about how they’ll never be like them. Or something.2. . He sang to me once, you know.

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  20. August 10, 2010 at 8:11 amUrm… hate to say it, but why can’t athiests, chrisitians, muslims, hindus, ect. get along? Sure we have diffrent beliefs, but we’re all people. Despite all the jealousy and hatred and misunderstanding that goes around, let me reiterate, WE ARE ALL PEOPLE!We should try and make others feel excepted so we can have self-fullfillment, it doesn’t matter if we are trying to please some deity. Although I am chrisitan, I still believe if you are a nice person, you will be given a second chance.

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  33. Well I have many wonderful memories but a few do stand out….1. Getting use to seeing those tall socks that go to your knee’s2. Knowing that I just finished more ring push ups that my brain can count and I could barely do one when I joined. Do not get me started w/ pull ups…3. Dragging those stinking tires up the hill… Then watching Taylor make it look like a kite! HELLO…. Btw, is there a hill at the new k town?I REALLY look forward to the many memories to come!!!

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  37. "…you think they'd have noticed that little synergistic effect and convinced Barry to keep his piehole shut for the sake of the DJIA."You think they HAVEN'T? Remember, this is the same administration, the same administration that appointed Van Jones, Anita Dunn and Whatshisname-The-Kid-Toucher.Granted, antics like this fly in the face of Hanlon's Razor but still…gvi

  38. Hey, I’m always happy to help out with proofreading if you need it. I don’t know if you have any tests or whatnot, but send me an email if you ever need me. (I’ll forewarn you that I only check it every 2-3 days.)

  39. Oh my sister in grief. I love you. I feel your pain, I know the sucker punches all too well. Let yourself feel it all, you know what you need.Love you so so so much.

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  41. I think it is time for someone to do an expose on the seedy group that Corzine has employed with his gazillions of $$s to dig up all this trivial junk on Chrisite so he can once again rule over NJ for another painful four years. Digging up trash on opponents – $50,000,000; Getting re-elected Governor of NJ – PRICELESS!Might be a Pulitzer Prize in it for a resourceful reporter, or editorial page editor.

  42. 9-19-12Laura Dice: Yo creo que ahora Madrid empezará a hacer las cosas bien! no le deseo nada malo, pero tampoco me gusta la gestión que ha hecho. +6¿Te ha gustado la opinión?

  43. "Because there are no more young, hungry, unconnected Speilbergs, Lucases, and Shane Blacks." – I did not recognize the last name but image search reveals some one who looks like a back-to-future iSteve (Chi-town office job did smell like a cover story). Were you irked about having the fewest lines in Predator? Of course, only about 50 in the film total, all good ones though

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  46. Hej Mette. Tak for din kommentar. Hvor er det hyggeligt at opdage, at du stadig kigger med. Jeg tror sørme, at jeg må se at få sendt dig sende dig en mail sådan helt privat, og høre lidt om hvordan du trives

  47. Your thinking matches mine – great minds think alike!

  48. I can’t read your blog in it’s entirety, but did I get this straight? You did a reading and nobody showered you with the usual compliments!? Thank God Jerry Blavat (”The Geator with the Heater”) shook your hand and upon meeting you the first time in his life, told you that you were”hot”. Idiot.

  49. i couldn't agree with you more. i just adopted another cat a couple of weeks ago and i can just tell how happy she is to not be living in a cage anymore…i swear you can see it in the faces of these little babies! they just want someone to love 'em : )

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  59. Looks great! Someday I swear I’m actually going to make it into Churchmouse. The one time I’ve gone to Bainbridge since I first heard of the shop (um, four years ago), I was there for barely two hours with both my kids, my parents and my husband, and no one was very keen on the idea of visiting a yarn shop. Damn!

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  61. Shingles? Like the kind 8-9 year olds are getting after the wonderful chickenpox vaccine wears off. Oh that’s right, just sell them a booster. Enjoy all the thimerosal you want Martin. You pro-poison pricks make me sick!

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  68. The slow erosion of your liberties is what you are overlooking. The federal gov't under the constitution does not ahve the right to impose a penalty on an individual for not doing something it mandates! Get it? Or do you prefer to give up the foundations of this country?

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  70. I don’t know what it is, but I love this dude, and the way you colored him. He certainly looks like a cop who is indeed too old for this shit. I’d love to see a comic with a similar style — it’s simple, but more detailed and features a wider variety of color than most. G’jorb, dewd!

  71. Can you imagine for one moment, how powerful the US could be against our enemies, if we could stop fighting amongst ourselves, democrats vs republicans, and focus all our energies on defeating the enemy. If news media could be honest about their reporting, and not try to polarize themselves into broadcasting only democratic opinions, we could help make America free from fear once again. This should not be a political war. Examine your motives honestly.

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